Meizu Stock ROM

Stock Roms Original Meizu All Model for Free
This page contains all type of stock rom Meizu original for all free , please download Meizu stock rom that you want to repair your beloved smartphone

Meizu M2
Meizu-M2_20150911141256_intl_prd_stable Download
meizu_m2_note_signed Download
M2_Z160_factory_software Download
M2-Note_20150609183158_public_prd_stable Download

Meizu M2 Note
meizu_m2_note_signed Download
M2-Note_20150609183158_public_prd_stable Download
Meizu M80 (Pro 6)
M80_20160414154842_prd_stable Download

Meizu M86 (Pro 5)
20151022054017_prd_stable Download

Meizu M91 (Note 3)
M91_20160331214607_prd_stable Download
M91_SW_K96085AA1_V014_SZ_L1_5.1_user Download
SW_K96085AA1_V017_SZ_L1_5.1_down Download  

Meizu M98 (Blue Charm 3)
M98_20160427111527_prd_mp1_stable_5.1.4.0 Download

Meizu MX4

MX4_20141003160631_intl_prd_stable Download
factory_m75_1.5.0.21.test-signed Download

Other Meizu All Stock ROMs  Only update and upload from this  page,always follow this page for new  Meizu All Stock ROMs.
And see the stock roms/Firmware of our collection are on blog worlod firmware.

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